3 Reasons You Should Be Using Mint.com

mintHands down, one of the best financial management services out there is Mint.com.  If you don’t already have a free account with them, take 5 minutes away from Facebook and sign up now.  In my opinion, it is easily the best tool available to keep track of all your personal finances.  By giving you visibility into all of your accounts and transactions in one place, you will find it much easier to budget, save and control your spending. Continue reading

8 Smart Ways to Spend Your Extra Cash

man-with-falling-moneyDo you have a tax refund check coming? Maybe you received a year end bonus from work or are expecting one soon. You might have been fortunate to receive a yearly salary raise or opportunities to work overtime.

To help you use this extra cash flow wisely, we have put together 8 smart ways you can spend your extra cash. Continue reading

Creating a Budget

smallOne of the most important pieces of financial success is a detailed budget. Without one, it is extremely hard to meet your financial goals and plan for big events in the future such as going on vacations or buying a house. Do you know how much you earn each paycheck and where that money goes? Did you save any money last month or did you spend more than you earned? A budget will act as the foundation for your overall financial health.

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