Who We Are

From Engineering Aircraft to Engineering Finances

We both entered the career world with little to no background on personal finance and how to handle a budget that included a full time salary.  Retirement plans, stock investments and taxes were all relatively foreign concepts.  Fortunately, we had some experience budgeting during our involvement in activities at school, but managing someone else’s money is much easier than your own.

Our education had been focused on the engineering environment…. not budgeting, investing or finance.  Money affects all of us on a daily basis and yet we had no experience on how to start the rest of our lives with it.  You are in your early twenties during the most financially important time of your life and expected to start on your own and know what to do.  We didn’t.

It was sink or swim.  We took the time to educate ourselves on the areas we knew little about and started taking control of our finances.  Life after college can be an exciting time without the added stress of money.  Several years later and we have started this blog to share what we have learned and done.  We want to prepare college graduates on finance and give them the resources needed for success.