Learning from Your Financial Mistakes

f57d0830-9593-11e3-983a-e50f5cf69079_175531215When it comes to investing and most matters involving money, it seems the majority of people are influenced by fear.  You might sell a stock out of fear that you are going to lose a bunch of money, or you might see a downturn in the stock market and decide not to invest at all.  You should never invest money if you are afraid to lose it.  I have experienced situations where I did not buy a stock and then it  dropped significantly to which I was happy with my decision.

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Shopping Around During Your Job Hunt

Learning how to make wise choices of employers is something you, as an employee, need to be more diligent about.  You can spend all your time looking for a job that really interests you only to find out, after being hired, that the company is horrible to work for.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice.  I took the first and only offer I got right after I graduated college, for fear of remaining unemployed.  While it wasn’t the worst corporation to work for, I placed significant emphasis on benefits, growth structure, morale and overall approval when looking at companies for my next job.

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